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LOI Notes from the Frontline – February 27,2009

Monday, July 27th, 2009

OK – I am going to attempt to be more consistent in my weekly/monthly blogs to keep everyone updated on Lost Orphans International's movements and engagements throughout the world.

I have chosen to dub this blog update Notes from the Frontline.  My reason for this is that LOI is committed to go right into the midst of the global battle to redeem and bring tangible hope to communities in desperation and hopelessness.

Often this desperation and hopelessness is a result of a political climate that sees people as objects to further the leaders agendas and then be discarded.  Other times this desperation comes from war, disease, famine, and tragedy.

LOI is committed to win this battle and watch redemption happen.

Want to join the battle?  If so, please let me know.

We are actively involved in Vietnam and we are excited about our new relationship in Kenya.  To know more about these let me know.

Created to love and be loved!


LOI notes from the Frontline

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Our summer trip is coming on fast!  With the economy being what it is these days, support raising has been a bit more of  a challenge.  Please remember to talk to Dad about His provision for those going with us in June.

Our LOI leaership team is in  place with a stellar group of families.  Our LOI board is also in place with some great leaders and visionaries.  It couldn’t be soon enough as Dad is allowing us to develop some really good relationships and positioning us to be major players in restoring all things to Him.  Our BHAP (big, hairy, audacious prayer) has been that Dad use us for this purpose.  We desire to forget ourselves and the American dream for the ultimate joy of His purposes and His dreams.  He is answering!

We are in conversations and discovery with opportunities in Kenya, Guinea, Uganda, and our next project in Vietnam.  The LOI board and leadership need wisdom, unity, clarity, and creativity in each of these opportunities.  Please talk to Dad about this for us.  Thanks

We are beginning to organize our Winter trip to Vietnam.  It is the experience of a lifetime!  Come and get in the game with LOI.

for the restoration of all things


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LOI – Kenya project – 2-19-2009 update part 2

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Today is our last day here in Kenya before we head back to the states.  We have learned a ton, asked Dad for wisdom and guidance, and have developed a significant “punch list” to complete.  The following are the areas I ask you to talk to Daddy about.

Our first priority is to identify and secure a stellar full-time overseer/staff.  These people will be the care-givers of Naomi's Village.  Their vision, passion, and love for Dad must align with ours.  Where do you begin that search?  We have begun to contact some organizations in the area that are like minded.  In His timing…

Our next priority is to have a good partnership with the organization that we are asking to build Naomi's village.  Meshing our vision and theirs will be key in this partnership.

We need to run utilities to the property.  The power lines stop about 1/2 mile away.  Bringing it on out will be costly, but we will automatically begin bringing hope to the local community by bringing the utilities on out.  They live now without any electricity.

We are asking Daddy to give us wisdom on how many children we can host well.  We know that we will be bringing hope to a much larger sphere than just those living in the village, but our agreement upon that village number is crucial to construction and staffing.  On top of this, we need wisdom on who we invite to the village.  Do we begin with only infants through 4 year-olds or do we make it available to teenagers as well from day one?  Needless to say, we can never meet every need sufficiently, so wisdom in who gets what kind of care is a crucial decision.

Finally, and as daunting to me from a human perspective as any of the above, is how Daddy chooses to fund this project.   Though the US dollar goes further here than in the states, things are not free.  I try not to see LOI as a fund-raising organization, but rather an organization that connects people with Daddy-sized opportunities.  Please ask Dad to find favor with this project and connect people who have so much to give (time, passion, hope, resources) with those who desperately need hope.

We are assembling our LOI-Kenya team to lead this project.  If you are interested in more information, please let me know.  I would love to sit down and have  a cup of coffee with you and listen as well as share more. You can email me at or

OK – today we will be visiting the CURE pediatric hospital here in Kijabe.  We will also be visiting the Rift Valley Academy here in Kijabe.  Both or renown institutions in both Kenya and the world.

We then set out for Nairobi.  We will be flying to London late this evening.  In London we will spending a day with the Life of Praise team.  LOI partners with Life of Praise in bringing hope to the hopeless.  Our time will be short but fruitful as we discuss the future (LOI has taken off very fast and we need some wisdom from great leaders who have the same love for Daddy and passion for people).

Created to love and be loved!


LOI – Kenya project – 2-19-2009 update

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Last night the Lost Orphans International (LOI) team spent the evening with the Naomi’s Village team.  Naomi’s Village is the name of the orphanage LOI will be partnering with here in Kijabe.  The unity and passion was very exciting.  Everyone in the room was in tears as we thanked our Dad for allowing us to do this and the Hope he will be bringing to a hopeless people.

Our hosts, Bob and Julie Mendonsa, made us feel at home with a good ole’ mexican dinner.  They called it tex-mexikenyan.  The Mendonsa’s have been in Kijabe for six months (they came here from the Dallas area).  Bob is an orthopedic surgeon at the CURE international hospital in Kijabe and Julie teaches at the world renown Rift Valley Academy here in Kijabe.

Today (it is 7am Kenya time as I blog) we are going to be visiting some other orphanages and doing a mini-safari.  Needless to say, I am pretty pumped.


Lost Orphans Kenya Project

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

After 24 hours we are here in Nairobi, Kenya.  We are spending the night at the Africa Inland Mission guest house.  They house m’s from all over Africa. 

Tomorrow we leave for Kijabe to take our first look at the possible new project.  Be back soon with more…